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Working Dog Postage Stamps Now Available!

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It’s been a few years since I saw any kind of dogs on stamps.  I don’t really know too much about the history of postage stamps or how they go about choosing who, what, where ends up on a stamp, but I do know that the United States Postal Service has released a set of working dog postage stamps.

Canadian Guide Dog Postage Stamps

Several years ago our friends, Anne and Jim visited Canada and returned with a special gift for me and the doggies.  I was quite excited to find a set of Canadian Guide Dog Postage Stamps.  They were super cool because not only did the stamps celebrate guide dogs with a picture of a working guide on the stamp, but it also featured Braille on the stamp.  Here’s what the accompanying information pamphlet said about these guide dog postage stamps:

“The Guide Dogs stamp, the first Canadian stamp to feature Braille, is issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Association for the Blind.”

Here’s a picture of the Canadian Stamps:

Guide Dog Postage Stamps
Guide Dog Postage Stamps From Canada

Sorry for the lousy picture, but the stamps are pretty cool.

USPS Working Dog Postage Stamps

Now back to the aforementioned United States working dog postage stamps.  Here’s what they had to say at the USPS website:

The U.S. Postal Service® celebrates the enduring part­nership between dogs and people with this set of four dif­ferent stamps depicting dogs at work: a guide dog assisting a blind woman; a military dog scouting and track­ing; a therapy dog visiting an elderly woman in her home; and a search and rescue dog in a field, ready to tackle the next assignment. Artist John M. Thompson created original paintings for the stamps, which were designed by art direc­tor Howard E. Paine.

The stamp will go on sale nationwide January 20, 2012.

And here’s a peek at what they look like:

Dog Postage Stamps
Working Dogs On Postage Stamps

Starting in the upper left hand corner of the image and going clockwise:

  1. Guide Dog – I’ve been volunteering at Guide Dogs of America now for over 5 years and I’m hoping my latest guide dog puppy in training, Dublin makes it as a guide…hopefully 3 more months!
  2. Therapy Dog – Stetson has already taken his first step towards becoming a therapy dog and passed his Canine Good Citizen test.  I’ve been thinking about getting him involved with the Beach Animals Reading with Kids (BARK) group.
  3. Military Dog – The dog in the image is scouting and tracking.  Although we really don’t know too much about military dogs, Stetson has been working on his sniffer dog training at K9 Nosework classes.
  4. Search And Rescue Dog – Some of the dogs from our guide dog school career change and become search and rescue dogs.  In fact, one of our good pals, Nicholas is in the middle of search and rescue dog training.  Go Nicholas!

The denominations for these stamps are kind of odd since the typical letter can be sent for 44 cents.  Maybe if you have an over-sized letter you can put these working dog stamps to use.  As for me I think I’ll pick some up at my local post office and put them beside my Canadian guide dog postal stamp.  Hopefully in the coming years we’ll see something in the U.S. like they produced in Canada with Braille on each stamp.

I don’t recall seeing dogs on stamps too often.  What about you?  Are you going to go out and buy some working dog postage stamps?  What do you think about the latest 65 cent stamps?

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