My Dog Eats So Fast He Vomits

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I have a labrador retriever and from what I’ve heard they are prone to overeating as well as eating way tDog Vomiting in toiletoo fast. As a puppy Stetson would eat his cup of food in probably under 20 seconds…pretty much just inhaling the food. A few times a week he’d vomit uneaten kibble in the middle of this feeding frenzy. Even when he wasn’t vomiting he’d sometime stop in the middle of eating and just sit there with his nose facing straight towards the ceiling as if he had kibble stuck in his throat and was trying to relax and get it down to his stomach. Needless to say this was very much a problem for both me and my dog. I didn’t like cleaning up vomit and I’m pretty sure he didn’t like vomiting. Here’s a list of things people recommended I try:

  1. Put a rock in his bowl – I tried this and it worked okay, but I didn’t want to bring a rock with me any time Stetson and I weren’t at home
  2. Use a Bundt Pan – I didn’t try this one, but could see how it would work
  3. Use a large flat pan – I tried this one and it worked for Stetson. The only problem was I didn’t have a pan that I wanted to use exclusively for Stetson and not use for cooking (kind of a lame excuse, but i wanted an actual dog product).
  4. Softball in Bowl – I didn’t try this one either, but would expect that as a bigger dog Stetson would just remove the ball from the bowl before eating.brake-fast doggie bowl
  5. Brake-Fast Doggie Bowl – At doggie obedience class they were selling this bowl which basically has three prongs to prevent the dog from eating extremely fast. This is the solution I’m currently using.

The Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl has been working great for Stetson and definitely slows his eating down. I purchased it while attending Sue Myles Companion Dogs training class in Fountain Valley. By the way, Sue Myles is a great dog trainer and I highly recommend anyone to attend her group training classes. She has a real enthusiasm for her work with both people and dogs and also offers many great products and treats that you won’t find at your regular dog or pet store.

A couple website you might want to visit if you are interested in this bowl are the Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl amazon product website and another site I stumbled across that had a short review and plenty of comments called Strange New Products(Brake Fast Dog Bowl Review) .

I’d like to hear your comments on this product. Have you used this product? What do you do to prevent your dog from eating too fast?

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  1. hey i have a probloam i have to engilsh setter puppies 3 mounths old and the probloam is that they eat alots and i read your thing on what to do but what if i cant do that cause my puppies eat everthing even rocks so do u know what else i could do lol.

  2. I have tried a bowl like this, but my golden puppy is still inhaling her food. I blame it on the breeder who fed all 12 puppies at the same time and I am sure they had to fight for their food. I know this is very unhealthy for her to inhale her food. She doesn’t even chew the morsels. She is eating Purina One for puppies which is small bits, but I worry about giving her bigger food as this will probably make it worse. Any other suggestions?

    1. @Cindi we reviewed several different dog bowls and the Aikiou Dog Bowl slowed down Stetson the most. The Aikou Dog Food Bowl looks more like a toy then a dog bow. The prep (filling the bowl with food) and cleanup takes a little extra time compared to regular dog bowls and requires a little bit of training. However, this one might work best bowl for your golden. Here’s our video review: Aikiou Dog Bowl Review

  3. This was so informative! Thanks! My Labrador puppy eats way too fast, so I’ll be sure to try out some of these ideas.

  4. I know its been a while since you post it, but I was looking for references of bowls and its helping me a lot!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. I wish I could find a way to get these bowls shipped to you at a low price. The company who designed the bowls is located in Virginia, United States. Here’s their website address: You might try contacting them to see if they can ship to you at a lower rate. Good Luck!

  6. I would like to buy a blue Brake fast bowl for my dog, but if I want to order ,then these shipping-amounts, become so high, where can I find it in the Netherlands ?

  7. A smaller bowl upside down in his bowl works as well.

    Stetson is probably the fastest eating Lab we’ve seen…and that’s quite an accomplishment.

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