Puppy In Training TV

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We recently started raising Dublin, our third Guide Dog Puppy and at the same time we decided to launch Puppy In Training TV to keep a video journal of all Dublin’s activities as a Guide Dogs of America Puppy In Training.

Ever since I brought my first guide dog puppy home friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers have asked me an assortment of questions from the ever popular: “How do you give up your puppy?” to “What’s your favorite color puppy?”  Our goal for Puppy In Training TV is to not only chronicle Dublin’s journey to becoming a Guide Dog via video, but to also answer some of these questions by telling them with our blog and showing them video on Puppy In Training TV.

We are also hoping to raise awareness about Guide Dogs and Puppy Raising as well as generate donations to Guide Dogs of America through our Puppy In Training TV Sponsorship.  Sponsoring a Puppy In Training TV Episode can be a great way to market your business and at the same time support Guide Dogs of America.


Episode 1 – Picking Up Your Puppy

Episode 2 – Take Your Dog To Work

Episode 3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters

Episode 4 – OCTA Service Animal Training

Episode 5 – Halloween Dog Costumes And Dog Car Reviews

Episode 6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training

Episode 7 – Puppy Training Ride

Episode 8 – The Getty Museum

Episode 9 – Scavenger Hunt At Fashion Island

Episode 10 – Puppy Training In The Snow and Bass Pro Shop

Episode 11 – Guide Dog Pups At The Movies!

Episode 12 – Orange County Pet Expo

Episode 13 – GDA Puppies And The March of Dimes

Episode 14 – Trains, Trams, Buses, And Puppies

Episode 15 – Guide Dogs of America Open House

Episode 16 – Guide Dog Pups Visit The Fire Station

Episode 17 – Dogs At Disneyland

Episode 18 – Puppy Turn In Day

Episode 19 – Lost Files – Sawdust Festival

Episode 20 – Guide Dog Graduation

Episode 21 – Working Guide Dog

Puppy In Training TV Sponsorship

Over the past six years we’ve been bringing our puppies in training to our local businesses and restaurants to get them used to unfamiliar sites and sounds in preparation for their job as Guide Dogs.  Another goal we have for Puppy In Training TV is to have our friends, family, co-workers, online vistors, local businesses, and restaurants sponsor our episodes by making a donation to Guide Dogs of America.

We were able to raise $1,150 for Guide Dogs of America while we raised Dublin.

How To Sponsor An Episode

If you’d like to sponsor an episode of our next season of Puppy In Training TV then contact us through our contact form.